A digital world of NFT pet collectibles
created on the Cardano blockchain


UTXOPets are a collection of 10,000 Metaverse ready NFTs

With over 1 Billion possible combinations
every NFT is guaranteed to be unique

Each UTXOPet has a completely unique fur design

With over 1 Billion possible combinations
each plot of land is completely unique

Each land type comes in different raritys ranging from Common to Mythic

  • Enchanted land built on common soils

    - Common -

  • Space race land built on uncommon soils

    Space Race
    - Uncommon -

  • City land built on rare soils

    - Rare -

  • Race track land built on shadow soils

    Race Track
    - Shadow -

  • Waterfront land built on hallowed soils

    - Hallowed -

  • Mountain land built on legendary soils

    - Legendary -

  • Goldmine land built on mythic soils

    Gold Mine
    - Mythic -

With over 1 Billion possible combinations
each UTXOPet's home is completely unique

There are several different classes of home
each offering a different class of living

More TBA soon...


A strong community focussed token
with 1 Billion maximum supply

UTXOPet token



  • What does NFT mean?

    Non-Fungible Token.

    What does Fungible mean?

    Fungibility is the ability for one item to be completely equivalent and interchangeable to another. A good example of a fungible asset is the US Dollar because each has the same buying power as every other. If you wanted to buy a car then it would not matter which of the US Dollars you paid with

    What does Non-Fungible mean?

    Non-Fungible means an item is unique. A good example of a Non-Fungible item is a baseball card. The value of each baseball card depends on several measurable traits such as it's Edition, Player and Rarity

  • What are NFTs?

    NFTs are unique and verifiable assets stored on a blockchain representing ownership of items in digital or physical form. So an NFT can be a piece of art or music and it can even be the deeds to a house or receipt for a car

    What are key characteristics of NFTs?

    NFTs are designed to be unique and scarce, impossible to forge and to only have a single owner at any one time. They are quickly/easily transferable and each has complete and cryptographically verifiable ownership history. Each NFT also often has metadata attached

    What is Metadata?

    Metadata is information in text form attached to an NFT at it's time of creation. This metadata often lists the attributes of the item. For example if you're buying a car a small part of it's metadata would be it's make, model and color

  • Buying and Selling NFTs

    Anybody can buy and sell NFTs on websites known as NFT marketplaces. Whenever an NFT is purchased, sold, traded or gifted the proof of ownership identifier, a digital asset stored forever on the blockchain is transferred to the new owner. When buying NFTs it is very important to make sure the PolicyID matches that of the item you want

    What is a PolicyID?

    A PolicyID is an unforgable digital signature which every NFT creator has to attach to their NFT when creating NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. It can be thought of as the proof of creator value, so when buying NFTs it is important to make sure this creator value matches that of the authentic NFT

    Do NFTs have value?

    Value is a function of the demand, supply, scarcity and collectability of an item. NFTs can be sold for real-world value.

  • How many NFTs are available?

    There will be 10000 NFTs available

    When does the mint begin?

    Date and time TBA

    Is there a whitelist?

    Not for this Genesis mint

    How many NFTs can I mint?

    Up to 30 NFTs per transaction

  • What is the mint price?

    Mint price will be 55 ADA for each NFT

    What is the mint address?

    This information will be posted ONLY from our Twitter account at the time of the launch

    Can I send ADA from an Exchange?

    No. Please do not send ADA from any exchange. Only send ADA from a Shelley wallet which you created using a seed phrase which you know. Any ADA sent from an exchange will be lost and you will not be refunded

  • Which wallets are supported?

    All major Cardano wallets are supported. Some examples of wallets supported are Deadalus, Yoroi, Adalite, CCVault, Nami and Gero

    What happens if I send too much ADA, too little ADA or any other assets?

    Please only send the exact amount of ADA required or you will not receive any NFT(s) and will receive a refund minus a transaction fee

    What is the policy ID?

    It's at the bottom of this site

  • How can I view my NFTs once purchased?

    The best place to view your NFTs is

    When will I receive my NFT(s)?

    Your NFT(s) will be sent to you as soon as your ADA is received. If the blockchain is not congested you will receive your NFT(s) within 2 minutes, but at times of high congestion please be patient as it can take a few hours

Send EXACTLY the following ADA to receive your NFT(s)

  • 1 NFT = 55 ADA

    2 NFTs = 110 ADA

    3 NFTs = 165 ADA

    4 NFTs = 220 ADA

    5 NFTs = 275 ADA

    6 NFTs = 330 ADA

    7 NFTs = 385 ADA

    8 NFTs = 440 ADA

    9 NFTs = 495 ADA

    10 NFTs = 550 ADA

  • 11 NFTs = 605 ADA

    12 NFTs = 660 ADA

    13 NFTs = 715 ADA

    14 NFTs = 770 ADA

    15 NFTs = 825 ADA

    16 NFTs = 880 ADA

    17 NFTs = 935 ADA

    18 NFTs = 990 ADA

    19 NFTs = 1045 ADA

    20 NFTs = 1100 ADA

  • 21 NFTs = 1155 ADA

    22 NFTs = 1210 ADA

    23 NFTs = 1265 ADA

    24 NFTs = 1320 ADA

    25 NFTs = 1375 ADA

    26 NFTs = 1430 ADA

    27 NFTs = 1485 ADA

    28 NFTs = 1540 ADA

    29 NFTs = 1595 ADA

    30 NFTs = 1650 ADA


  • Foxy mug shot


    - Chief -

  • Mintz mug shot


    - Creative Guru -
    3D Design

  • Slugg mug shot


    - HTML Lead -

  • Spark mug shot


    - Social Officer -

  • Digit42 mug shot


    - Coder -
    Script Writer
    & Redacted


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